Above and Beyond Service

I would like to thank Sandra Tomes for providing superb service for my difficult request for insurance. My 89 year old mother is visiting me in Australia and her travel insurance lapsed while she was here. My wife and I spent days emailing and calling insurers both in the UK and Australia to try and find a firm that would cover her for the remainder of her trip (20 days) and her flight home. Every response was negative, citing either her age or the fact she had already left UK However Sandra could not have been more helpful. While confirming Pearson could not provide coverage, she undertook to look into the matter and try and identify a firm for us. The following day she gave us the good news that she had identified an insurer in the US and had even secured a quote and reference for us.
Pearson may not have secured any direct business through her efforts, but I will be recommending her to friends and family for future insurance needs.