Win Win

The local Facebook groups often prove useful when it comes to recommendations. The other day, someone was asking about insurances and one name kept cropping up in the responses – Sandra at Pearson Insurance. As luck would have it, I had just spent a lot of time trawling comparison websites and one or two well known insurers with a view to getting holiday travel cover. The premiums I found, to cover two separate weeks in Italy, were horrendous but at my advanced age I thought that they were inevitable. However, because Sandra clearly has such a great reputation, I gave her a call. Result ! (1) Prompt phone answering, as opposed to the average 10 minutes from the ‘big’ firms, (2) a lady and her firm whose substantial experience was immediately obvious, (3) some priceless advice and (4) two policies for the same price as the best single premium I had found elsewhere. On that basis, I have no hesitation in adding my appreciation to the many others relating to Pearson Insurance.